Forex & Stocks Trading

Trade the Foreign Exchange Market Currencies (FOREX)


Trade Stocks - Oil, Gold, Sugar, Coffee, Boeing Shares, etc


Trade automatically while you sleep!

NO EXPERIENCE Required ! We give you a full Step-by-Step Guide. Everything you need. NO HIDDEN COSTS!



Automated trading is a very exciting technology. Its main idea lies in automate trading on the Stock and FOREX markets.


MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. The software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers who provide the software to their clients. The software consists of both a client and server component. The server component is run by the broker and the client software is provided to the brokers customers, which use it to see live streaming prices, charts and to place orders as well as manage their account.


The client is a Microsoft Windows based application that became popular mainly due to the ability for end users to use their own trading scripts and robots that could automate trading.


BudCyber developed a Package consisting of various Open Source Indicators and Automated Trading Robots as well as an In House developed Automated Trading Robot.


Our Robot (BudCyber Risk Free), is not entirely risk free as no trading on the Open Market is Risk Free. However, the Risk is very low and it is completely possible to RETIRE after 5 YEARS of trading with our Robot!


Invest a minimal of USD50 initially and USD50 per month and see how your money grows. Your money that you invest per month is not required, but will just make your retirement come so much earlier. Of course it is possible to invest a small initial sum without adding additional funds. There is no limit on the amount to invest. However, it is not possible to trade with less than USD25 and USD50 is the minimum we recommend to start.


Adding USD50 (or any other amount you wish) will make your account grow rapidly.


You could be a Dollar Millionaire after 5 years with a solid USD10000,- per month income from investing USD50 per month for 4 years.


Percentage return is typically in the order of 14% per month. This however vary from month to month.


We include in our package the following:

  1. Complete HOW-TO Manual
  2. Step-by-Step setup instructions
  3. Set of 1000+ Indicators (Indicate only, no automated trading – Give buy and sell signals)
  4. Set of 7 Auto Trading Robots (Automate your trades and make money while you sleep)
  5. Additional Information on where and how choose a Broker and other information

You do NOT require ANY computer skills.

You do NOT require ANY Accounting or Economics nor Trading skills.

You can trade in Forex, Stock Markets and Shares for example Boeing, Sugar, Oil, Gold, etc.

You MUST have an Internet connection connected to your computer or we can assist in setting up a Virtual Desktop on a Remote Server from where you can run your trading software day and night. You just log in from anywhere in the world (Also by Mobile Phone) and check your trades.

You have NO additional costs besides our Package costs and at least an initial account opening fee of USD50 to trade with at a Broker. (We are not brokers, but we assist in choosing one)


To Summarize:

You require a Computer

You require an Internet connection 24x7 or Ad Hoc dial in

You require our Complete Package (no Additional hidden costs)

You require optionally a Virtual Desktop system at USD30 pm ONLY if you do not have 24x7 Internet access.

You need to invest a minimum of USD25, but preferably USD50 or more to start trading LIVE (You can start with a Demo account which won’t cost you anything)


Remember, No previous experience required. No Accounting or other training required. We will show you Step-By-Step how you could make money and retire in just a few years from now!


Risk Warning: Trading Forex and CFDs is risky and you may lose all of your investment.