Gift Certificates


Purchase a Gift Certificate for own use or to send to another individual or company.

After the Administrator has approved the Gift Certificate, then the Gift Certificate funds are made available to the customer.

Upon release/approval, they are sent an email with a redemption code. When they redeem that code either by clicking on the link or by keying in the code on the checkout-payment page (or the gv-redemption screen), then the customer will have GV funds available to them for use in that or future transactions.

The customer can then use those funds for themselves, OR they can email them to friend(s) via the links provided automatically in the store (esp shopping cart sidebox). They can email as much as they want, to various people, up to the amount they've purchased. Whoever they email it to will receive a new redemption code and will follow the same redemption process ... and can email the funds again if they wish.

So it is possible to buy one or multiple Gift Vouchers and have these Gift Funds available in a Gift Voucher Account.

Then create Gifts at any time for any amount to send to a client, potential client, staff members or just yourself for own use.