STEP-by-STEP Information on Ordering


You have had a good look around on our site and decided that you would like to place an order, but need some guidance on the ordering steps to take. On this page we will explain all in brief what we have to offer with immediate links to order the correct application and hosting service for you.

Hosting - We are what is commonly know as an ASP (Application Service Provider) providing not only an empty webspace for your website, but we actually provide the full service called Managed Hosting. Full Applications installed plus the maintenance as per your request.




1. You need a Domain name for example

A. Decide on a name and check if this domain is still available by entering the name on this page. If it appears to be available, then to Step 3.

If it is not available, then try again until you find a nice name which is available. To find a nice name, try this service to help deciding on a name. Click on submit to go to every new page with more names. When you decided which name you want that is available, then decide if you want us to order and set-up the DNS and maintain it for you or whether you want to Register it and do the DNS yourselves. On to Step 3.

You can also use this service to check the domain names.  or

(Do not order here, but search for a Dimain name of choice. We will register the Domain name.

B. If you already have a name and Registered it somewhere else, then to Step 2.


2. If you have a current Domain name, decide whether you want to transfer the name to us or to keep it at your current Registrar. Keeping it at your current Registrar is absolutely no issue and you may do that. Now on to step 3.


3. You decide on the following:

  • Let us Register or Transfer to us and maintain your domain - Remember the name and go to Step 4.
  • You Transfer/Register it and maintain the DNS - and then go to Step 4.


4. Choose which Sites you want with your Hosting.

Applications available with what they can mean to you and your business can be found on our WebSite Applications page. On to Step 5.

Template Sites available with what they can mean to you and your business can be found on our WebSite Templates page.


We set it up as per your requirements. On the Template Order page, there is a link which will take you to large images of the Template with the various pages available. (Sample - the across the images are watermarks only and will NOT appear on the final Website)

You print this page and mark the different Links and blocks of text with easy to recognise Numbers for example 1,2,3a,3b, etc

You send us a seperate Document (Word or Excel) and opposite these number for example 1, you type the information you wish to be there.

We will complete the information and make the website live.

On to Step 5.

WebShops available with what they can mean to you and your business can be found on our Web Shops page. On to Step 5.


5. Managed Hosting and services are available at a Pre-Paid hourly rate. The more hours you buy in advance, the cheaper it is per hour. Select this option if you do not have the knowledge or any technical staff to maintain the applications, to add or delete e-mail accounts and to control your domains.

Choose which maintenance plan you wish to order. This is NOT compulsary, you may choose to do the little work there is yourselves or pay us on an ad hoc basis. This is of course at an additional cost.

Remember that you receive ONE HOUR free webmastering per month to setup Email accounts, etc.

On to Step 6.


6. Place your order now with BUDCYBER for a Website package. You may include Add-on's.


*Website Template is a Template Site and include WebHosting Template

*Website Application is an Application Site and include WebHosting Application (Application Hosting is Shops, and other Online Applications)

*Student Hosting is an empty space for students, developers and other test sites

On to Step 7.


7. Place your order now with BUDCYBER for a Domain Requirements (Domain Name, IP number and DNS) package.

On to Step 8.


8. Place your order now with BUDCYBER for Webmaster Hours. On to Step 9.


9. Place your order now with BUDCYBER for Add-on's if you did not do so already in Step 6. (Mailing Lists, etc) On to Step 10.


10. We will send a confirmation by e-mail of the order status and a final e-mail with all the relevant details of the Installed applications. This will include your FREE Gifts.



*Decide on DOMAIN NAME after checking availability

*Decide on Website Template, print pages, mark appropriate blocks clearly and send us the Text file with the the Text clearly marked for which Text Block.

*Place Order

*Place seperate order for Domain Name.


Your Website will be up and running withing 24 Hours of placing the order complete with details provided.


Please note:

Any orders not placed now may be placed at a later date as well.


Thank you for Ordering with BUDCYBER !