WebHosting General

For Peace of Mind and Reliable Hosting


No more falling around with general cheap Hosting providers. Once locked in, you cannot get your website off the ground. No more asking your nephew to build an amateurish website and taking ages to get it installed.

No more waiting in long call centre queues and telephonic explanations how to add an email mailbox.

No more expensive website builders asking you an arm and a leg to build you a professional website and manage your hosting.

We manage your website and email addresses leaving you to manage your Business. You do what you do best and we do what we do best.

Our price includes Management of your Online presence.




Providing not only web hosting, we also provide extended web hosting services tailored for the Real Estate and other industries. However, we do not limit our services to these industries and all other industries as well as private individuals, are welcome to make use of our services.

We provide an excellent service at excellent value for money not seen anywhere else but at BudCyber.com!


"Why should I host with BudCyber.com?" is the most common question asked.... and the answer is quit clear.

We provide that extra not found at other hosting companies. We know the Entrepreneur market. We provide and host working Open Source Software at a very affordable rate. You may find the same Open Source software at another hosting provider, but once installed, it does not always function properly as you need to install it yourself with a script. We install it for you and supply you with the login name and password and you can immediately start working without the painful installation problems.

We can also write/build specially design Websites and Dynamic Webbased Applications for Websites or Intranets (Internal Websites for private use only)


Do you constantly need to share this or other information with colleagues or need to access it from home or while travelling on business or leisure? Use our webbased applications which are secure and backed-up daily, in order to always have access to your information. In the fast and always "on" 24hour economy of today it is just not practical to let your colleagues or clients wait for information anymore. Competitors with the fastest access to information will reap the rewards.


"This will surely cost me a fortune to have these advantages while hosting with BudCyber.com?" is another question we hear often. And the answer is a clear "No". We make use of proven, Advanced Technology mixed with the best and proven Opensource Software and a Community Support model similar to the Low Cost Airways and Hotels which revolutionized the Airways and Hotel industries.

With server farms that are up and running in Secure environments with Power backups, Data backup facilities and redundant networks which we outsource, we can a serve our customers better with the best in hardware environments with an uptime of 99,8% and better.


We Offshore Outsource some of our software and work which also help in reducing costs and have the added advantage of the fact that you may just order something at 17h00 and it could be ready at 09h00 the next morning dependant of course on the order and the time zones you may be in. (Providing we have full detailed requirements and order placed)


Can I start a Professional eCommerce Shop? Start a Web Online Shop with Zen Cart and earn money on the web. Order a Zen Cart Shop from us and have it up and running within 24 hours. Do the set-up the way you want it, create one or two logo's or get them somewhere online, write information about your web business, add your products with or without photo's and you are ready to sell! All of this can be done in 2-3 days and start promoting your website with e-mails (NO SPAM!) to friends, buy traffic from Traffic dealers, Banner swapping, advertising in your local newspapers, send out some Press releases, distribute pamphlets, direct selling mail campaigns, cold calling via telephone calls or which ever way you wish. Add the CRM, Helpdesk and other modules and you are well away to a very Professional Web shop.

Remember, we can assist with Mailinglists from all over the world to start your Marketing campaign.


What do I get?

  • Uncapped/unlimited hosting space and traffic so your costs won't increase as your site grows (subj. to FUP)
  • Free personalized co.za domain or  .com or .mobi domain absolutely free
  • Free registration of .com, .net, or other International Domain (You pay only USD10 per annum for the Domain)
  • Website statistics and Analytics. We will setup Google Analytics for you which you can access at any time.
  • 3 FTP accounts
  • Option to purchase additional domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • We manage the administration of your website – Give you time to spend on your business
  • 10 personalized email addresses and 40 email aliases with easy to upgrade options (FUP apply)
  • We will add you Website to Google, Ananzi, Aardvark and Yahoo!


What you need with other Hosting providers and don’t need with us

  • An Internet connection so you can update your website
  • Access to an Internet enabled device to create and maintain your site
  • You need to select a Microsoft or Unix Operating System. If you have a website, your current hosting provider can tell you what OS you are working on. Decisions, decisions, seeking expert advise.
  • Setup DNS, Register Domains
  • Create Email accounts
  • Resolve server issues
  • Knowledge to use cPanel and other setup tools. How to FTP your website to your Hosting provider.

We manage your website and email addresses leaving you to manage your Business


Price include ONE (1) Year hosting with us. From the second year onwards you could pay monthly or annually in advance.



  • Uncapped/Unlimited hosting and traffic does not allow for video or audio streaming, peer to peer file sharing or mass mailing. Uncapped hosting will only apply to the content related to your website.