WebSite Application



Want to start an Online Business and earn an income from it?

Some of these can be used as own Intranet (Internal use only) or available via Website to customers/public.

Some of these can be used to earn an income. For example, use our Job Listing site to list Jobs available and charge clients a fee or as a company Intranet for internal use only.


Start an Auction Site!


What about a WebShop with products and start money the very first day? We will show you how.


We thoroughly test and evaluate the most commonly available software/applications for our smaller business clients. We will then choose the best of the best and make them available as Managed Hosting to ensure reliable and excellent Web based Applications, which businesses of all sizes can use.


Applications Available:

  • CRM = Customer Relations Management (additional license fee may apply for additional features)
  • Project Management
  • Helpdesk
  • eCommerce Online Shop
  • Wiki System (Similar to Wikipedia)
  • Your own listings Realty Website (no MLS features)
  • Auction System (Similar to Bid or Buy and eBay)
  • Classified Ads
  • Blog Site
  • E-Learning
  • Job Site (Similar to Monsterboard, Pnet, Careerjunction)