WebSite Templates

WebSite Templates


Do you have a Website for your Business or Blog? Do you need a new image?


We will sell you Templates with installation which you can use on our Webservers.


How does it work?

1. You select a Template for your Website and order this from us.

2. We set it up as per your requirements. On the Template Order page, there is a link which will take you to large images of the Template with the various pages available. (Sample - the across the images are watermarks only and will NOT appear on the final Website)

You print this page and mark the different Links and blocks of text with easy to recognise Numbers for example 1,2,3a,3b, etc

You send us a seperate Document (Word or Excel) and opposite these number for example 1, you type the information you wish to be there.

We will complete the information and make the website live.

(Note: We do not change colours and logo's and images, these will incure additional charges. We will give you a quote first should you require changes)

3. We can make amendments to your website and templates at an additional fee on a fixed price (we will quote you first) or per hour. You order a number of hours on a pre-paid basis. We do the required work and any hours left are avilable for future use.


A Template Basic price include the Webhosting package and is payable per annum.


In other words, you effectively only pay for the website hosting and get the template for FREE!!


As part of the WebHosting, we will register a Domain name and create email adddresses for you.

The cost of Registering a Domain is extra. Please order a Domain name from Webhosting