WebSite vs WebHosting FAQ

Website versus Webhosting FAQ


What is a Website?

A Website with us can be one of three:

1. A Template. Choose from over 4200 Templates and we will adapt to your Business. Ideal for Start-ups and other Small Business.

2. An Application. There are a few applications to choose from. There could be specific applications or could be Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla.

3. A Webshop. Our Webshops come either empty or already filled with products. These shops are NOT part of a franchise. No royalties. What you earn is yours to keep. Become an Internet Entrepreneur today!


What is Website Hosting?

When you chose the correct Website suitable to you from Application, Template or Webshop, you will get the appropriate Webhosting allocated. The applications for example joomla and Webshops use more resource power from our systems and therefore occur a slightly higher fee.

So if you chose a Template, you get the appropriate WebHosting "Template".

So if you chose an Application or Webshop, you get the appropriate WebHosting called "Application".

Fee's are per Annum.


How do I order a Template with the Website Hosting called Webhosting Template? This seem to be double costs?

If you select and order a WebSite Template, you will automatically be allocated WebHosting Template hosting and you do NOT have to order WebHosting Template. The selection WebHosting Template is merely there for customers wishing to bring their own already built website for hosting with us.

What if I ordered a WebHosting Template by accident and still need to select a Template?

If you already paid for the hosting, then you can either contact us and we will refund or charge you the difference and fix it on our back-office system.

If you selected the WebHosting but not paid yet, you can just deleted it within the shopping cart.